Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer - Cyber Security & Digital Transformation

A CEO, CIO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, SVP Strategy, and SVP Sales & Marketing, experience which enables me to make comprehensive business decisions that are strategic, integrated with the needs and requirements of the entire enterprise, and that align technology investments with financially-driven business goals.

I serve as a confidant and advisor to CEOs and Boards of Directors. I have a track record of influencing business outcomes; highly effective at developing and maintaining C-level client and stakeholder relationships, providing strategy communication to board of directors, investors, and company senior executives.

Proven background leading long-term strategic planning processes and driving innovation, focused on delivering strong EBITDA growth; identifying and recommending opportunities for strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships; providing guidance for new product development, roadmaps, pricing and channel strategies, and technology investment decisions. International business background. Strong team-builder.

Currently Senior Principal Advisor with TXYSAI, LLC. (, and Board of Directors, Founding Trustee & General Secretary, Cyber Future Foundation (

William Gordon